Podcast by Anon on Monday, February 28, 2005

I don't believe this!

0.1% tax on cash withdrawal of Rs 10,000 from banks on a single day!!
You gotta be kiddin' me!  I mean, forget the laundering part, 10K is such a common amount in metros these days, even upcoming ones.
Why, the other day, I wanted to make a quick deposit in the NSC (last day of tax investments and all that!) I had to withdraw a larger amount than that.
People will simply start keeping surplus cash, just in case. (Though it will definitely increase the robberies)

Let's see... the other day I had gone up a hill behind our colony, and learnt that the PMC is laying huge pipes straight from the dam to supply water to Warje and Paud Road (purification plants, et al) so that the water supply fluctuations would reduce.
The point being, they are using the money to improve the infrastructure, contrary to the feeling I had that they're just using it to fill their own coffers.

But I also heard the watchman there complain about the anti-social elements nearby, who cut out sections of those pipes to sell them. Those good for nothings are becoming a nuisance.

Anyways, we have a long way to go...

March 1, 2005   12:16 AM PST
it would have made sense if cheque books came free and direct debit would have been provable secure.
March 7, 2005   07:12 PM PST
We'll just have to use our credit cards more.

Update: They might reduce the tax, or increase the amount or both...so... letz see.

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