Podcast by Anon on Tuesday, April 18, 2006

After a particularly long stretch of cold days and frigid nights, I woke up on a weekend to find the temperature warm enough so that I could go outside without a sweater or a jacket.
It was a welcome change to see that the Sun was actually warming up the air rather than just glare (pun intended), as I had got used to seeing in these parts of the world.
Wandering around on this beautiful day, I found myself at a nearby public park without a book, a laptop, a cell phone or my music player. So I sat idly on one of the benches overlooking a riverbed watching a few sailboats ride the sparkling water in the distance. I watched kids as they threw in stones...rippling the still waters and interrupting the sound of breeze whistling through the branches. Some walked pets while others were fishing and anxious mothers watched out as their young ones rode bicycles or skateboards.
But I couldn't sit still. Even the most serene of surroundings cannot calm the tempest of the mind.
Looking around, I found a badly tangled bunch of fishing line, and, to take my mind off the tendency to musing on the trials of life...which can be quite fruitless and joy-eroding, set myself up for the task of untangling it

It seemed simple at first. All I had to do was find one of the ends and try and get it out of the mess. Eventually, I figured, it will clear out.
But then the free end kept getting longer and longer, and the tangle seemed to become tighter and tighter. To make matters worse, I found that there were two lines tangled in there, and I kept confusing myself between the two separate lines mistaking one for other. Before long, I wanted to throw the entire thing away. But that would undoubtedly make me frustrated, miserable and unreasonably, mad at myself for taking it up in the first place.
So I continued.
It was tedious, demanding and it took pains.
And most of all, it seemed it was a job!

As the end I was working on grew long, I alternated between the first and the second line. And somewhere along the process, both lines came clean and separated themselves as if miraculously as I pulled on one end holding onto the other.
That which appeared as a complete mess was apparently an illusion .
Pleased with myself, I wound up the lines in a figure of eight, and got up to head home.

Life, I thought as I was driving back, was that tangle of fishing line. A cute bundle of meticulously wrapped fabric that somehow gets all messed up as it unfolds.
And though it would seemingly take a miracle to untangle those knots and straighten those kinks, if one works long enough at one part at a time, one's patience would ultimately be rewarded.

We have to work on the job of life. After all, it's only for a century, as the Chase commercial goes.
Half time goes by
Suddenly you're wise
Another blink of an eye
67 is gone
The sun is getting high
We're moving on...

[100 years]

April 18, 2006   05:16 PM PDT
Oh yes, like you said Spring is here :) hope you're enjoying it this much every day!
April 23, 2006   04:25 AM PDT
I sure hope to.
I'm at work at this unGodly hour looking over live deployment!
April 24, 2006   10:27 PM PDT
Hehehe, I was at work while I wrote that too. tsk some things can't be changed
April 26, 2006   09:30 AM PDT
True...what's the opposite of Occupational Hazard? ;)

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